Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is America really "mean"?

The TNGOP's recent commercial about Michelle Obama has rekindled her other controversial statement, ie, "America is mean". Many Obama defenders have been out in force on the tubes, oddly confirming her suspicion.

But I'd like to offer a second to her "America is a mean country" lament, at least partially.

Actually I was contemplating this well before Mrs. Obama spake it. Since 9/11 it seems, at least anecdotally speaking, that people are meaner. People used to be friendlier down here in the south, now they seem colder. And driving manners? Forgetaboutit. Heck, maybe it's just me. Maybe everyone has come to the conclusion that Bush hosed everything and they can spot a clinging Bush supporter a mile away, and they're just responding appropriately. Or maybe it's just the damn gas prices.

Whatever the case, it seems America is more divided than ever. The election results from last night tend to prove it, with whites going one way and blacks the other--and that's just the Democrats. Obama paints himself the uniter but seems to be dividing a lot of people so far. Not his fault, of course.

And of course, I'm dividing people by posting this. Might as well go for the full Monty, then. And maybe this has been covered already, but anyway... when Mrs. Obama was discussing her glee about the political process energizing new voters (proud) was she actually only talking about Democrats? After all, she would have been comparing primary crowds from this year to years past but the mobs have only been impressive on the Democrat side. Surely she wasn't proud of her country for the weak turnout on the GOP side (well, on second thought).


LASunsett said...

In almost every picture I have seen of Michelle Obama, her countenance shows anger and an arrogance or haughtiness. When she made the now famous statement, little did she realize that would confirm (to those of us that are in tune to those kinds of signals) our first impressions were correct.

This notion of her being off limits is irrational. She has chosen to be part of this campaign, they must expect criticism. Hillary took it. Even the moonbats hammered Laura Bush, mercilessly for no good reason. No one (including GW) whined and cried for her. No one declared either of them off limits.

Obama wants to set the rules. Things are about to change and we'll see how he handles the adversity of an opposition that will critique his every move. I suspect we'll see some character weaknesses come out of it, because he's not used to not having his way.

A.C. McCloud said...

Isn't calling her off-limits a sexist thing anyway? I can see it with kids, but she's an adult.

But I see the same thing you do in the Obama movement--too much sensitivity. The question is whether they'll get away with it.