Saturday, May 31, 2008

Much ado about nothing

The silly season is now in full swing.

As any regular reader can attest I'm not a fan of Barack Obama. It's not because I don't like the man or his color, it's because he's a liberal hiding as a moderate, using happy-talk to cloak his meager experience.

But bashing him for not knowing that Alfred Hitchcock didn't actually place Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant on Jefferson's nose to film "North by Northwest" is petty. The Cap'n over at Hot Air is comparing it to Quayle's potatoe moment--maybe--but many of us on the right felt that was over the top. We should live as we preach.

By the way, North by Northwest is my number 2 fav from Hitchcock, ("Rear Window" being number one). The scene where Grant is in the auction trying to get arrested by making a scene of himself is classic.

By the way, while I'm on a soapbox I'd like to weigh in on the keffiyah kerfuffle. And it's just that--much ado about nothing. Most of the women wearing these things couldn't find the Middle East on a map and don't care. We should stick to the things that matter, like Obama's oddball associations with barking moonbat socialists dressed up as priests/preachers and domestic terrorists dressed up as educators, begging the question as to what Barack is dressed up as.

DISAVOWED 06/01/08

Well, the end has finally come after 20 long years. Funny how Obama could instantly recognize the error of taking out Saddam yet let 20 years pass before recognizing the hate in his own church. Oh well, good luck to him in finding a new church home without appearing the panderer-in-chief. Perhaps he should wait until December (of course then the evangelicals will accuse him of back-sliding).

Just wondering a little more about that cartoonish sermon from Father Pfleger the other day. Surely he knew it would go from pulpit to video to You Tube to Drudge to Fox to the reluctant MSM, causing another embarrassment for the man of change. Assuming he did can we assume it was for personal gain or something else? After all, they knew the press would be fixated on Dean's diddling with the delegates this weekend and Robert Wexler, taking a break from scheduling McClellan for testimony, sure came out in support of the movin' on narrative pretty fast, didn't he? Just sayin'.

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I've uncovered information that Grandmother Obama is high-tailing it to another country.