Thursday, May 22, 2008

With liberty and fairness for all

Debbie Hamilton over at Right Truth has smacked the ball way outa the park, over the left field wall and in deference to my Cubbie-loving friend Mick Wright, out onto Waveland Avenue):
You are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... you are not entitled to everything that you want. You are entitled to pursue all things, but you are not guaranteed you should have all of those things. There's a big difference and many Americans don't see the difference. Some people believe that they deserve all things, even if someone else has to share what they have. There's a lot wrong with this idea. Being 'equal' means we have equal freedoms, not that we have the right to equal possessions or equal wealth.

You are not entitled to a fancy house, a shiny new car, cheap gas, college education, and many other things. One problem with those on the Left politically is, they seem to think their constituents are entitled to anything they want.

Hillary Clinton thinks she is entitled to be President of the United States. Illegal aliens think they are entitled to the same rights as legal American citizens. Terrorists think they are entitled to our legal system and courts. In fact, the first words out of their mouths, when caught on the battlefield, were "I want a lawyer." Young people think they are entitled to all the worldly possessions their parents have, and have worked, scraped and saved their entire lived to accumulate.
Behold the mindset of the founders of this country. And of course, completely alien to our modern public discourse.

Unfortunately the GOP, faced with a chance to score points against a candidate lacking judgment, substance and experience, continues trying to snatch defeat from the jaws. The YouTube attack on Barama she linked was disingenuous since it distorts the actual number of Americans "owning stock" versus those invested in the stock market via mutual funds and 401Ks.

This not only diminishes the ad before it's finished but is yet another example of the politics-as-usual, head-in-sand, same-ole-same-ole, out of touch no-new-ideas tripe coming from the the grand old national party HQ right now. They need some new blood in there STAT, because the graffiti is already on the wall. This, despite this. It's as if they want to lose.

Yet they're correct in the overall sense that Obama is a liberal and liberals love taxes, and he's gonna have a tax partee like it's 1999, especially with help from a windfall of coattailing Dems coming in with him. Capital gains? Check. Payroll FICA tax cap smash? Roger. (BTW, the Democrat version of Social Security reform will be to remove any doubt about it being a tax). Death taxes back up? Yep. Repealing the Bush middle class cuts? Affirmative, plus a few others nobody has thought of yet, and all the while feeding the friendly media a lines about how he's helping the middle class before the middle class knows what hit them.

It's the age old battle under new wrapping paper. There's no real "change" involved, unless change is defined as a harder turn to port or a president breaking the color barrier. Otherwise, we've seen the show before.

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