Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plame on

Joe and Val are making one last stand for their pal Hil. Ironically, this story came out Friday as well:
Former CIA operative Valerie Plame is trying to resurrect a lawsuit against those in the Bush administration she says illegally disclosed her identity.
Meanwhile, her gripping story awaits its telling. Can we question the timing? After all, the hired heroine lays in wait with child, which puts the movie release well into 2009. Are the Wilsons afraid a Barack presidency and subsequent Iraq drawdown might steal some thunder? What difference does it make who hits the redeploy switch, if that's what it's really all about?

MORE 5/10/08

She's a busy lady. Ms. Plame was in Chicago Friday along with Michelle Obama at a fund-raiser for Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and had this to say about her role with the Clinton campaign:
Plame told reporters that a reason she is with Clinton is "because in the darkest days of the story of the last five years it was Sen. Clinton who reached out to us on a personal basis and gave us her support. So we feel a deep sense of loyalty for that." Plame and Wilson are in a new ad Clinton is running in Oregon.
Hmm. How many times have we mentioned that Mandy Grunwald, a longtime Clinton strategist, is married to reporter Matt Cooper? I'll stop now.

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