Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Resignation

Here's a WAG-- if she doesn't announce cutting ties with politics for good she is jumping ship from the Republican Party for a third party.

If she does say it's over politically she's going for a TV pundit job or some other national media position. With all the legal fees defending the mean-spirited frivolous lawsuits maybe that would give her a voice while allowing her to clear the debt. Or maybe this arrogant butthole is correct. We await the twittering.


Lots of back and forth at Stop the ACLU.

Tigerhawk thinks Palin will use the time off to 'bone up', ie, get smarter. I disagree with the "quitting to win" scenario. They will not forget about Palin in 2011. No way. Even if her resignation is family-oriented or health-related, the left will connect the dots with media help. Gotta be something else.

Lefty reaction from TPM while the faux-conservative pats himself on the back. Prematurely?

MORE 7/3/09

The Palin saga is perhaps the best example of why politics is so often driven by feelings and emotion instead of facts and logic. Palin presents an almost Greek Siren-like attraction to conservative men while at the same time producing an unhinged vision of Satan to folks on the left (many of them gay), who lose all sense of fair play in their rush to tear this woman down.

Everyone says the right has no leaders right now, yet Palin shows all the ingredients of a leader as does Jeri Thompson (from a lesser perspective). Guys, where are you?


christian soldier said...

I'm not giving up on her...
the others 'in line' are too 'slick' for me...I'll wait...

A.C. McCloud said...

She's the only leader the right has and the establishment is trying to get rid of her. I think she may be too 'real' for their comfort--on both sides.