Sunday, July 18, 2010

Community Center with Prayer Space at Ground Zero, II

Seems the large mosque 2 blocks from ground zero in New York is proceeding, with backing from Mayor Bloomberg and others. A couple of stories on it today, one predictable, actually both. I didn't realize the porn industry attacked us on 9/11. And it would be nice to know where all the funding is coming from.

Anyway, not gonna get too windy with this. The site sponsors have the right to build this in America, in lower Manhattan, even one block from the site. It's what we stand for as a nation. And the center is supposed to be about healing wounds. Everyone needs closure.

But closure is a two-way street. It wasn't just America that was ignorant--the terrorists were certainly ignorant about our culture. So why don't the purveyors of this Manhattan mosque suggest building a six story Non-Denominational Christian church two blocks from the Kaaba in Mecca?

Wouldn't that be a way for Muslims all over the world to better understand the differences between the two sides? All Muslims are required to perform the Hajj once in their lifetimes if possible, so it would give the 'other side' the best possible exposure in creating a climate of understanding, tolerance, and peace while clearing up some of the mis-impressions of America and the west. And, maybe Christians could start their own pilgrimage to the new center, and take a trip to see what Muslims are doing down the street. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Anonymous said...

Does common sense work with arrogant Islamic radicals?

A.C. McCloud said...

One way to find out-- suggest the church in Mecca, 2 blocks away, and see what the reaction is from Imam Rauf and wife. If it's negative to the point of veins popping out and threats, tell them they've got some growing up to do and call off the NY center. That is, if I were king, of course.