Monday, July 19, 2010

Refudiating the Lie Story

In looking around the web for stories on the president's double talk regards the health insurance mandate one thing stands out-- a presidential lie might not garner much press anymore but a botched word from a wannabee former governor surely commands saturation coverage!

"Refudiate". Waterloo for Palin. A botched word has proven her moronicity! Stop the presses, alert the Navy corpsmen, that is REAL news baby--dredge up the seeing Russia from her house story as if it was real!

OK, here's a rundown on the refudiate coverage--
NY Times... Washington Post... MSNBC... LA Times... ABC News... CBS News...
Yes Palin works for Fox News and no, they didn't cover it, but here's a pretty spirited debate on the mosque story, which is the story. Many of the outlets had the refudiate story on their front pages.

Now here's a rundown on a clear presidential fib involving 1/6th of the economy--
NY Times (covered in Money section).. Washington Post... MSNBC (links to right wing sites covering it)... LA Times... ABC News... CBS News... Nothing except the Times coverage.
Of course Fox News had it, discussed by its 'all-star panel'. Perhaps like Bob Schieffer the folks at all those other sites were all on vacation.

BTW, Palin screwed up, she needs to admit her mistake honestly. It won't help her with the detractors but she must maintain an appearance of ethicalness. Still, the big media has once again proven Sean Hannity correct.

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