Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poor ole Scotland

Let me try to boil down some questions on this Megrahi Lockerbie deal since it's making news again with PM Cameron visiting Obama. Cameron is now saying Scotland acted alone; at the time they claimed they acted based on a humanitarian policy and a doctor's assessment. So...
  • It's one thing to release a garden variety Libyan terrorist but quite another to release a figure blamed on so many American deaths. It would be akin to releasing a figure like Imad Mugneyah, most likely responsible for the Beirut Marine barracks bombing, without getting any kind of tacit approval from the US beforehand. Unthinkable for a western ally.
  • Since it's a big PR risk, what did Scotland stand to gain? Did they really think it would help them with the terrorists? Doesn't that kind of weak capitulation only foster more terrorists? OK, they have a liberal governance, strike that one.
  • If Scotland DID NOT act alone--in other words, if they were told to make up the phony-baloney story about cancer (including the 'doctor') what was their reward?
  • If their reward was to help BP gain a big oil contract doesn't that mean they lied to America and all the victims' families? Isn't that worth an investigation? Or in the least, a formal apology for lying?
  • If the above is true is it then plausible to believe that the Obama administration was not made aware of such chicanery beforehand?
  • Would Scotland agree to be the fall guy in case of a media blowback? Did they figure Scotland was small, known for leprechauns, and that nobody would care?"
  • If Obama knew about an oil deal charade beforehand, yet protested vehemently, but was summarily snubbed, what does that say about our influence with the UK anymore? If we can't sway Scotland, who can we sway?
  • What does any of this say about our relationship with Libya going forward? Or does nobody care now that their nukes are gone? Or is their oil in our future, too?
  • Maybe the Scots are conspiracy buffs. Some believe the CIA did it, some believe Abu Nidal was involved, some say Iran was paying back America for Iran Air 655. Maybe the Scots finally acted on their conspiracy beliefs and wrapped this up in a phony story to provide ultimate justice for Libya. Maybe they approved of the hero's welcome.
No formal UK investigation, according to Cameron. Senate investigation here, but only focused on further demonizing BP. Onward ho to oblivion.

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