Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a Tactic

A day after Michelle Obama appears at the NAACP meeting in Kansas City we get a proclamation from that group calling all who self-identify as tea partiers as official racists. Meanwhile Eric Holder is suing the white governor of Arizona for doing a job American politicians won't do while refusing to prosecute the black guys who were standing in front of the polls with clubs. Outrageously outrageous!

More like a yawn. Desperate men do desperate things, and stirring the race pot to generate turnout in the mid-terms is pretty desperate. So the tea folks should just ignore this. No counter-proclamations, no emotional comments, just refuse the bait and keeps eyes forward. On second thought, this is probably OK..


LASunsett said...

To continue to use the race card when it is clearly not warranted only marginalizes the true meaning of the word. Its continued misuse will diminish any real meaning it may have for years to come.

The boy who cried wolf comes to mind.

A.C. McCloud said...

The NAACP can see their own demise. A black man is prez, which they probably never dreamed would happen so soon, and the country has become more diverse and changed attitudes. So their work might seem done to a lot of people (no group on earth will ever abolish racism completely). Even their name is outdated.

So they throw bombs hoping for explosions to help themselves, which I guess they/Dems believe will help Obama with turnout as well. Which is stupid and should be appropriately ignored.