Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obama Disses Willie

Obama comes out for Steve Cohen in the 9th congressional race over four-time mayor Willie Herenton. Outrageous! But it's a win-win--he doesn't lose much endorsing a white liberal in a solid Dem district that would re-elect him without dead voters if the election were held next week. At the same time he gets to look non-racial after playing all the race politics of late. There's very little national damage.

Any local damage will be forgotten after the primary especially since Herenton is about half nuts (or acts like it) and Cohen has been available to his constituents while stoking the right fires. And how can Obama forget him when Cohen once compared him to Jesus?!

So in typical Memphis fashion the first black mayor is forced to attack the first black president to get elected. Guess we're becoming post-racial after all...

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