Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rigi Executed?

Yes, this Rigi. Not that it was huge news anyway--most people on the street wouldn't have a clue, but at least some in the US press paid attention when he grabbed from an a airline flight and sent to Tehran earlier this year. Judging from a Google search (at the time of this writing) only a smattering of outlets covered the hanging event on June 20--for all intents and purposes it was buried.

The significance? As Fox reported, the suicide attack that took place yesterday occurred in Zahedan, Iran, the city of his execution. Zahedan is located in Sistan-Balochistan, along the Pakistani (Baluchistan) border. Jund'allah is saying it was revenge for the hanging; Iran claims Rigi was an agent for the west. But they aren't alone--indeed such was the crux of several major news stories during the Bush years, along with the usual speculation from the peanut gallery on the nefarious nature of such a thing.

So with that established, presto, Iran now has a legitimate link to blame a terror attack within its own borders on.... Barack Obama. Interesting too, especially based on the history of the region.


Debbie said...

Did you read Obama's comments to Iran concerning the terror attack?


The United States is strongly condemning suicide bomb attacks Thursday against a Shi'ite mosque in Iran, a country that is listed by Washington as a state sponsor of terrorism. President Barack Obama called the murder of innocent civilians in a place of worship an "intolerable offense."

American condemnation of acts of terrorism in Iran is not unprecedented.

But the U.S. reaction to Thursday's attack was at an unusually high level, with both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issuing written statements expressing sympathy to the families of victims and calling for the attackers to be held accountable.


Audio at Voice of America

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

This remains an enigma to me, Debbie. I understand perhaps using Jund'allah for leverage over both the Mullahs and the Pakistanis, but the blowback potential has always been way high.

Of course, Obama has the benefit of an incurious press, who won't point out how we were backing Jund'allah, etc. Unlike Bush.