Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sports Sunday

Some interesting things in the world of sports of late.

Soccer-- or what CNN has taken to reporting as 'football' even though we have our own version here in the states, has somehow become a major story in the US this year. Not as if the World Cup has never been covered here before--just never this much. It could be the Obama effect, ie, suddenly America wakes up and takes notice of the greatest sport on the planet after so many years of willful blindness thanks to Yankee imperialism (or something else for which we need to apologize).

Whatever, the sport is an enigma to the typical US sports fan: the clock counts up, not down; there are no pauses in the action to go get a beverage from the fridge (although chances are you won't miss anything); the off-side rules are worse than pro hockey as if they don't ever want a goal-scoring situation to occur unless it's one of those special kicks (like when Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt). Anyway, I'll probably tune in between phone calls and channel surfing just to see anyone can score more than 3 goals in a game.


Meanwhile, baseball been berry berry strange this season:
  • Mark McGwire admitting to using steroids (but just for health reasons) then coming back as a hitting coach.
  • 2 perfect games, a perfect game taken away, and a perfect game broken up last night in the 9th inning
  • Perfect game taken away gives best reason for replay ever, but 'commissioner' says no
  • A phenom pitcher named Strasburg with a moving 99 mph fastball gets called up but isn't quite as good as a guy named Ubaldo, who's on pace to win about 27 games
  • Several games where the home team scored more than 6 runs in the bottom of the ninth to win
  • Texas and Cincinnati still in the lead in July
  • A fan survives after falling 30 feet over a railing trying to catch a foul ball (or maybe he was depressed after paying the concession bill)
It's been so crazy one might almost believe the National League will win the All Star game.


Debbie said...

I'm not a sports fan, but soccer looks so very boring. I can sit through a really good professional football game, but not even that too often. Hubby watches all the pro games and the college games. I get a lot of reading done, ha.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

The liberals are after my son; he started in with his defense of socce, er, futbal as they call it, saying that 'we' (Americans) were to blame for calling it soccer and just aren't hip to the world.. Disturbing! I made him look it up and the Brits/UK coined the name soccer over 100 years ago. But there definitely seems like a change this year in how US journalism is covering the sport. Or maybe it just seems that way with Obama in there. I'm sure I'm a racist for even considering it.

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