Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Shukrijumah Indictment

He's already on the Rewards for Justice list, now prosecutors have indicted suspected AQ operational leader Adnan Shukrijumah for an alleged role in the Zazi subway cyanide plot. Since they don't exactly know where he is it's pretty much for show be he remains a most dangerous terrorist.

For instance, read this summary by former CIA analyst Rolf Mowatt-Larssen featuring Adnan and some friends regarding AQ's history of attaining NBC weapons. By the way, a lot of that information wasn't well known before 2010, such as Zarqawi's involvement with a ring of poison operatives. That would be the same Zarqawi who went from helping AQ in Afghanistan to ordering the killing a US diplomat, to Iraq before the invasion. Mowatt-Larssen's endnotes also explain some things:
After August 2003, it is not possible to extend the chronology without excluding considerable information that is sensitive or classified. Even though the passage of time has enabled more of the story of al Qaeda's WMD efforts to be told, much detail remains too sensitive to reveal, even in the years covered by this chronology.
Who says Muslims aren't interested in science? Makes one long for the ole Bush years when such announcements were mocked and dismissed as 'the politics of fear'.

MORE 7/8/10

Much more here.

And here's another leg to the stool--from Norway (of all places):
Norwegian police said they arrested the men after a more than one year of surveillance because of concern their investigation was about to be reported in the news media.

“This would result in a considerable risk of destruction of evidence and evasion in the further investigation of the case,” police said in a statement. “Hence, (we) chose to apprehend the individuals today.”

They described the charges against the men as “preparing terror activities.”

The investigation showed the suspects planned to use portable explosives made from peroxide, a chemical found commonly in some medicines and hair care products.

Two suspects were arrested in Oslo, Norway and one in Germany with the help of German police. All of them are in their 30s.

One of them was identified as a Norwegian of Uighur origin. The others were from Iraq and Uzbekistan.
Again--don't worry about any of this, it's just the politics of fear in Bush's phony-baloney war for oil.

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