Saturday, July 03, 2010

Why was Vicky Pelaez Working with Russians?

The Peruvian-born Spanish language journalist was among the eleven nabbed by the FBI's unfortunately-timed raid on the Russian spy ring. She's married to another guy with a Latino-sounding name, a former college professor (of course) who expressed an Abraham-like devotion to his apparent lord and savior, the Russian spy service.

"Juan Lazaro" evidently isn't his real name (is he from Uruguay or Siberia?) but it's interesting--his indictment says he was passing information to his spy masters. Just what was this CUNY professor passing that would have been worth a flip? Who was he connected to?

As to his wife, why would a South American-American sympathetic to Castro, Chavez and some Maoists be working in tandem with the Russians? The modern Russians. The ones who tossed away communism? Or does she know something we don't?

And why would the 15th bestest president of all time be furtively pursuing a "reset" with these same non-communists right now after having known they were running radical agents via money transfers in Venezuela? What's to be gained from such a relationship, and if anything, why have the FBI to bust this 10 year old ring in the middle of the reset? Doesn't Holder get a briefing? Still not getting it.

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