Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Sorry State

California, that is. You've probably heard the story about the giant American flag mural that was drawn as a patriotic gesture after 9/11 but recently painted away by Caltrans, the CA state transportation authority only days before Independence Day. This forced an apology from the governator:
"To do so only days before we celebrate our independence and reflect on the freedoms we are lucky enough to enjoy in America is unconscionable," he added. "I extend my apologies to the artists whose mural inspired drivers along 680 for over eight and a half years.”
It's certainly not unreasonable for Caltrans to have a no graffiti policy (aside from whether the flag qualifies or not). Surely they don't want people painting Nazi flags on some underpass and claiming equal rights, etc. Graffiti sucks in general.

But this was the flag. Who really believes Caltrans just suddenly realized the flag was on state property? Who really buys that? Sure, bureaucracies are inept and it could have been some ignoramus pencil pusher, but more likely they knew it was illegal when it was drawn but also knew treating it like normal graffiti would cause a firestorm of protests.

So why now? Well, maybe it was this.


Debbie said...

The article I read said the flag just happened to be next on the list to be painted over. Yeah right. Graffiti in many cities is considered "art" and is not painted over but promoted. Probably no flags involved in that.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It feels like they did it on purpose based on the sorry explanations given and the timing, so that's why I was wondering if it was to get back or embarrass Arnold for his crack down due to the budget.

If so, whoever did it should be fired. And the flag should be repainted tomorrow.