Tuesday, August 10, 2010

26 Billion Breakdown

So the Feds are bailing out the states to the tune of 26 bil. Not such a big deal for Pelosi (although she finally sees the problem with deficits--when they come from giving the people back more of their money). OK, where's the breakdown? Which states get how much? How much will our "teachers" get here in miserable Memphis, Tennessee, filtered of course through our local corrupt government?

Fox has a calculator, but it doesn't seem very useful in answering the question, although their article is fairly instructive--it would seem both sides are doing a bit of demagoguing. Still, it would be interesting to see the sunshiny breakdown, like on the recovery.gov page.

MORE 08/10/10

Leave it to Michelle Malkin to root out the distribution. Lo and behold, based on what she's uncovered it would appear the teacher jobs Obama and Pelosi are heralding aren't all in jeopardy, just possibly maybe in jeopardy:
We know States and districts are working hard to find ways to minimize job losses and keep cuts away from classrooms, but some are making cuts that we know will have an impact on kids.
And if there aren't teacher jobs in jeopardy they have to create new ones to qualify, which is why Haley Barbour was saying Mississippi would have to spend millions to comply. These Dems are nothing if not slick.


Anonymous said...

I’m personally getting sick and tired of hearing that “good for kids” argument. I know something about what is going on inside public school classrooms —and so do you if you attended public schools. Honestly, here’s what is good for kids: close down 90% of all public schools. If there is any one place where we need to toss the system and begin anew, it is public education.

A.C. McCloud said...

But, but, the indoctrination!

Yeah, this deserves at least a segment on 60 Minutes but in reality the mainstream media will scrutinize it as closely as they did Karzai's recent meeting in Tehran.. ;-)

Debbie said...

Rush Limbaugh says it is to secure the RETIREMENT FUNDS for teachers and union workers.
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

That makes sense, along with an attempt to secure their votes in Nov.

This clown posse of Obama, Reid and Pelosi are stunning in their mendacity. Cartoonish, almost.