Thursday, August 19, 2010

Running on Bush

It seems we are being bombarded with conspiracy beefsteak right now. There's the mosque story, which thinly suggests a sinister Islamist support group behind the scenes trying to prop up a victory memorial.

Some on the left are even praising George Bush and begging him to enter the fray to quell the conservative masses (and Reid, and Dean).

Then there's the release of Obama's passport from a White House "blog" for some reason, with the date of issuance and expiration mysteriously blurred out.

And several polls suggesting that 1 in 5 believe Obama himself is a Muslim. Other than the fact he was born a Muslim that's preposterous!

Without scientific study it's safe to say the mainstream press has devoted more attention to these stories than our redeployment from Iraq or the nuclear start-up in Iran.

It's like a parade of clowns. There's Pelosi, saying she wants an investigation of those funding the pushback on the mosque, even though most of the outrage was stirred up by Obama (but shhh, she's just trying to bag some tea baggers). In the spirit of bridge building though, we can certainly get behind her rump covering suggestion to open the curtains on just who might be interested in funding the Rauf mosque and why.

Perhaps she could start with the mainstream media. Are they still colluding on coverage ala the Journolist? Why are there suddenly so many 'birther' type stories roiling around? Have they become bored by droning on and on about the dead stock market, declining jobs market, failed Stimulus, quagmire in Afghanistan, Gitmo open, terrorism still thriving despite the promise of healing by election, Democratic graft and corruption, revelations from the Blago trial, or the rising tide of conservative candidates?

As to the left's newfound respect for Dubya, forget it. They never believed his kumbaya on the religion of peace and probably think they can spin any response to their benefit (and W's detriment), thereby keeping the Dem's campaign platform--"Bush's fault"--alive and well into November. And that's just the press! Of course Bush has the right to remain silent and will no doubt exercise it as he has to date (unless he thinks of a clever tweak to put on Facebook).

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