Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cullen's Gloom and Doom

Notorious climatologist Heidi Cullen is at it again:
You better get used to hot, sticky summers like this one, says climatologist Heidi Cullen, who explains terrifying data of why the weather is only getting hotter and how our infrastructure can’t handle it
She goes on to say, "Let’s look at how July 2010 might stack up against the Julys of the future", but hold on a sec--why not look at last year, LAST YEAR!

New York City never saw 90 degrees in June or July. It hit 90 or above 5 times in August. The average temps were 3.7 degrees below normal in June and 3.8 below in July. Yes, July. None of which was accurately forecast months prior.

So, with that here's our weekly music selection...

MORE 8/7/10

Here's a story about a huge calving in Greenland. Notice this paragraph:
Not since 1962 has such a large chunk of ice calved in the Arctic, but researchers have noticed cracks in recent months in the floating tongue of the glacier.
So the same thing happened in 1962, a time period where the world was not experiencing global warming. Hmm...WUWT?

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