Friday, August 06, 2010

Bringing People Together

The proposed Ground Zero Victory Mosquescraper is bringing people together already:
"Five years ago, the ADL honored me with its Hubert H. Humphrey First Amendment Freedoms Prize," Zakaria writes in next week's Newsweek. "I was thrilled to get the award from an organization that I had long admired. But I cannot in good conscience keep it anymore. I have returned both the handsome plaque and the $10,000 honorarium that came with it. I urge the ADL to reverse its decision. Admitting an error is a small price to pay to regain a reputation."
Hey, forget that this Imam recently helped fund the Gaza peace flotilla, he's a bridge-builder, dammit.

The real question is this--if Zakaria is right and this mosque represents the beginning of a Muslim reformation then it ought to become the biggest al Qaeda target on the planet. So we'll see how many fatwas flow. A nice big threat from Zawahiri or Shukrijumah--or nothing at all--might expose the real truth.


LASunsett said...

From the article you link to:

//If there is going to be a reformist movement in Islam, it is going to emerge from places like the proposed institute. We should be encouraging groups like the one behind this project, not demonizing them. Were this mosque being built in a foreign city, chances are that the U.S. government would be funding it.//

If there is going to be a reformist movement within Islam, it only makes sense that it would have emerged by now. The days/weeks/months immediately following 9/11 would have been the optimal moment to seize that initiative.

People with the platform like Fareed Zakaria has could/would/should have made this happen. Until that time, their will be justifiable suspicion.

A.C. McCloud said...

The reason there hasn't been a reformist movement is because the reformers are afraid of losing their heads. If Zakaria is correct we should expect the radicals to make the mosque a huge target for another attack.

That is, if it's really a house of reform, as they say. My guess is rooted in the echoing words of Zacarias Moussaoui, "it's permitted to lie for jihad".

Debbie said...

A.C. You stole my comment. I was going to say the reason is "off with their heads" is not what they want their immediate future to look like.

Seriously, there are a few moderate Muslims who simply want to live their lives. They don't want to kill or hurt anyone. I do feel for them. They are not TRUE followers of the religion, in my opinion.

This MOSQUE is a statement to the evil hateful "Muslim" world that does truly follow the religion: We are here, we are winning, and this is our statement."

Must not happen.

Right Truth

LASunsett said...

Well, I think back to the all of the brave souls who endured persecution during the inquisition. What good is knowing what is right and being afraid to do it?