Monday, August 09, 2010

On Mosques

While we Americans spar over the proposed construction of what some see as a victory mosque blocks from the WTC attack the Germans are taking action on one of their own mosques:
In 2001, the Masjid Taiba mosque, formerly known as the Al-Quds mosque, became known as the meeting place of those behind the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

"Recent events have again shown that instructional courses, sermons and seminars held by the organization and texts published on its website are not only aimed against constitutional regularity, but also seek to radicalize their listeners and readers," the town statement said.
They've closed it. For those who've forgotten, this is the mosque Mohammed Atta and his "Hamburg Cell" attended before moving to America to pursue their dreams. Oddly enough, the Falls Church, VA mosque that hosted some of the 9/11 terrorists and was once Imamed by a US target of death Anwar al-Awlaqi (and before him a Hamas fundraiser, al-Hanooti) remains open while our State Dept. evidently helps fund the Rauf mosquescraper. Wasn't it the left who used to say we need to be more like the Europeans?

Meanwhile, some on the left (through outlets like the NY Times) are trying to quietly suggest that anyone who opposes such things are besmirchers of the 1st Amendment. Apparently that's just how desperate they are going into the fall mid-terms.


Debbie said...

Good deal on closing this mosque, we need more action like this. I won't wait for it to happen here in the US.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Most non-Muslims, upon seeing what has happened in mosques around the world (and here) are suspicious of these places. That's just a fact. It's not irrational seeing as how we're engaging an army in Afghanistan comprised 100 percent of Muslims fighting under the banner of Allah.

That the Dems are trying to use this as a political weapon is reprehensible.