Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eye on the Ball

Obama took a break from vacation summer to commemorate the 5th anniversary of how Bush screwed N'Owlans after Katrina, flitting down to the Ninth Ward to lament on how the BP spill wasn't his own Katrina because he's, well, awesome by comparison. He also managed to get in a few other strategic shots thanks to Brian Williams:
The president also chuckled when he was asked about polls that show many Americans still believe he was born outside the United States or was a Muslim. He said he didn’t pay much attention to such perceptions, which he blamed on “a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly.”
VRWC, in other words. Seems to be an important topic though, because his old buddy Reverend Wright even mentioned it today during a sermon:
"He will surround you with psychopaths who will criticize you and ostracize you and put you beyond the pale of hope and say 'you ain't really a Baptist' and say 'the president ain't really a Christian, he's a Muslim. There ain't no American Christian with a name like Barack Hussein,'" he added.
Yes, this is the same guy who gave the Nation of Islam's leader (and noted believer in racist space aliens) a "lifetime achievement award". You just can't make it up.

But they do. And the objective is usually to distract attention away from real problems, like the economy--the crown jewel or paragon of doom for all presidents (deservedly or not). Williams was at his softballish best during the economic questions of his interview, allowing Obama to drone on with stock talking points rather than doing a Chris Wallace and asking him to explain some facts, maybe even popping up a chart..

The president doesn't want to explain the recent spikey downturn in GDP during 'recovery summer' when the bulk of the stimulus program was supposed to be at its stimulative best right now. But Williams knows as much as Obama that while cable news issues like making fun of wingnuts for thinking Obama is a Muslim, despite being named Hussein (off limits during the campaign) and having a Muslim father, stepfather, grandmother and half brothers and sisters, all that matters much less than a teetering economy.

They know that short of wartime threats voters usually always vote their wallets, which is probably why the "news" is focusing harder and harder on things that matter less and less so as not to bring undue attention to the bad news, and by using emotional partisan stories they can keep people off-balance and on the defensive. Keep in mind, these are the same stories that Obama repeatedly calls fluff not worth his time, while always including a jab in every one.

ATTACK! 8/30/10

Obama's vacation really must have cleared out his head because he's coming out firing at the enemy with vigor--the GOP. According to him they alone are standing in the way of economic sweetness and light by blocking a small business stimulus bill, evidently because they don't want the economy to improve before the mid-terms. He calls it the 'silly season'.

But hey, it's always the political silly season for this administration, who make their living making promises then blaming others when they don't come true, statesmanship be durned. Here are some handy reminders...

Stunning, really.


Mustang said...

My problem is that I lack essential understanding. I don’t understand why we lament Katrina in New Orleans, while ignoring the Katrina disaster in Mississippi. I don’t understand why we annually lament Katrina, but have no memorial to Andrew or Camille. Well, let me clarify: I think I know why, I simply don’t understand it. I agree there are far more serious problems facing our country than whether Øbama is Moslem (even if I do think he is a dishonest man), but I also agree with Marco Rubio we could be the first generation to pass a diminished country on to their children. This is the likely result of electing a communist organizer to the presidency.

I credit most Americans with understanding our economy is getting worse by the day, what causes me to scratch my head is the 41% who continue to think Øbama is the best thing since sliced bread. IMO, that’s far too many people on hallucinogens.

Debbie said...

From Paul A. Ibbetson and his upcoming interview with Jerome Corsi, on Obama's birth certificate:

... in the attempt to debunk the Obama birth-certificate controversy, the State Department author confirmed Obama was a dual citizen of the U.K. and the U.S. from 1961 to 1963 and a dual citizen of Kenya and the U.S. from 1963 to 1982, because his father was a Kenyan citizen when Obama was born in 1961.

I'm no expert on these things, but if Obama was a citizen of the UK and Kenya, isn't he STILL a citizen? Was his citizenship revoked? Whitewashed? What?

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Mustang, I think you know exactly why the focus of Katrina is where it is, while Andrew was less important because it mainly knocked out an air force base. Not to say flooding a major city is nothing, but everybody in the state knew Katrina was inevitable at some point--hell, we knew it in our state. So the failure goes way way back, and the failurees are many local Lousyanans.

Of course by essentially saying this Obama knows everyone will think "Bush" and not the locals, so mission accomplished (but don't accuse Obama of trying to divide).

A.C. McCloud said...

Debbie, everyone was waiting for Brian Williams to say "you mean the short form or the long form" when Obama made that remark. I don't consider myself a birther (other than the fact I reasonably believe Obama was birthed) but I would have loved to hear him answer that question.