Friday, August 27, 2010

Sherroding the Cabbie Story?

After just asking whether imam Rauf is being given the Sherrod treatment by various bloggers and news agencies for taking some of his anti-US snippets out of context, will the State Department now apply the same principle to the Muslim cabbie attacked in New York story and CAIR? After all, according to the NY Times, they responded thusly, apparently before knowing all the facts:
“As other American minorities have experienced, hate speech often leads to hate crimes. Sadly, we’ve seen how the deliberate public vilification of Islam can lead some individuals to violence against innocent people.”
As if there were no facts needed to confirm this white kid was inflamed by wingnut mosque-mania, as alluded to by the mosque-supporting mayor:
Mayor Bloomberg, who spoke to Sharif and invited him to City Hall Friday, said the unprovoked attack was clearly "motivated by anti-Muslim bias." "I assured him that ethnic or religious bias has no place in our city," Bloomberg said of his conversation with Sharif.
Clearly. Yet in this case the 'hate speech' seemed to either be the cabbie's admission of being a Muslim against the mosque, or perhaps nothing at all. Wonder what PJ will say today?

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