Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aviation Update

That California mystery pilot who popped some security cell phone videos on You Tube appeared on TV today. He didn't do himself any favors. In an interview with ABC's GMA the pilot was asked why he didn't go to the TSA first--a logical question--and his answer was that he didn't know so many people were watching You Tube. Dude.

Not to say there aren't access issues--the Charlotte stowaway case is potentially troubling. But no system is perfect. Ground folks need to pass back and forth between public/secure a lot more often than pilots, some whom may pass through a particular airport once or twice a year. The better way to handle this dilemma would be to create a better ID card for flight crews that would preclude the need for normal screenings while going to work every day. Or maybe that was the point.


Debbie said...

When I first heard about what the pilot had done, and the response by Big Sis, I thought good for this guy. But then I saw him on Fox today and as you say, he didn't do himself any good. He was given every opportunity by whoever it was interviewing him, I forget. Apparently the actual door in the video went into a lunchroom, which wasn't made clear to viewers. He could have done a much better job.

A.C. McCloud said...

It was actually pathetic. I truly think this guy was just angling to get pilots out of TSA checks and didn't realize how powerful You Tube can be.