Monday, December 27, 2010


Dana Perino carves up Palin with a smile..

The look on Kristol's face says it all (he had just praised Palin). And we also learned something--the whole panel shook heads in agreement that other politicians also have staffers write their newspaper op-eds.

But that's two Bushies slamming Our Sarah now, Babs and now Perino, both with smiles. The question is whether this is just the lingering low-level war between the Bushes and McCains or whether they're trying for an early elimination of Palin before she gets her campaign wheels on track. Who's up for a third party run in 2012?

The cunning in Perino's jab was her mention of Twitters and Facebook, knowing that Palin would fire back on...Twitter and Facebook.


LASunsett said...

I am pretty anti-establishment. But I do have some concerns about a Palin run for President.

She is a great fundraiser, so I think the GOP would be far better served with her as the National Republican Chairman.

Debbie said...

I saw that, also Juan Williams stupid comment about Sarah Palin and Obama's intelligence. There is a campaign to smear Palin from the RINO wing of the Republican party. A third party run? I don't know about that, might insure Obama 4 more years.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

LA, I voted for McCain with Palin onboard without much concern considering the inexperience of Obama and buffoonery of Biden.

But leading the ticket? Don't know about it yet. She's got a lot of things needed in a president with the exception of a vast background, and she's also divisive. Then again so was Reagan.

So the jury is still out. But I do find it interesting that the Bushies are making a concerted effort to knock her down early (Rove has also contributed).

A.C. McCloud said...

Debbie, if she keeps getting pushback from the GOP establishment she'll have little choice if she wants to run. I think the reason she's doing reality TV, etc, is because it's the only way to do an end run around the national party.

If they push Jeb Bush I could definitely see her going third party and trying to take both evangelicals, some moderates, and tea party types with her.

Would it get Obama a second term? Probably, so there will be some real high-level meetings and dealings about this, no doubt.

LASunsett said...


Don't get me wrong. She would be much better than the current President by a mile. No doubt there. Had McCain died and had she taken over, there would have been many good people around her to help her. (Bush Sr had Dan Quayle, there wasn't much difference in that scenario.)

But now that we have time to look at things more closely, we should take some time to evaluate whether we are wanting a popular conservative president or one who can do the job the most effectively.

Like I said, the GOP Chair is coming up for grabs. Make her the king/queen maker, not the queen. there's more power in that role anyway.

If I wanted someone with her ideals and values who could do the job better, I'd look at Michelle Bachmann or Mike Pence. They are conservative to the core and TEA Party favorites with enough knowledge of Washington to get some things done (or in some cases, undone).

Just my thoughts.

A.C. McCloud said...

LA, interesting scenario with Palin in charge of the party but I don't think she accepts. For instance, if unemployment is still above 9 percent going into 2012 she would have to support someone like Romney and as an alpha female I'm not sure she's got it in her. For that reason she either decides to run, backs down and helps with fundraising, or goes third party. I'll bet ya a coke on it...