Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hallelujah It's Finally Over

With Christmas in the crosshairs the GOP finally blinked and Obama got a good week, something he's more than happy to explain:
Taking a victory lap at the end of what he called the most "productive post-election period" in decades, the president celebrated the raft of new laws passed in the final weeks of the year, including the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," which today he signed into law.
And taking a second look at gay marriage now, too! It's surprising this president can admit that his position has 'evolved' on anything, but then again, everyone knew he was only blowing smoke on gay marriage during the campaign to keep the black vote intact and appeal to crossover conservatives. And only a Democrat would be impressed by a "raft of new laws passed" in a lame duck session, bills that should have been given much more sunshine.

Oh well, as things wind down here's one version of a scorecard:

Omnibus - Loss
That he'd even consider signing this puff ball of pork in our climate of deficits is rather illustrative, especially for someone who campaigned to end earmarks. Guess his position has evolved.

Extending Bush Tax Cuts - Loss
This made Bush look wise and him look a fool, but he did get some cover from MSM on the narrative so it wasn't a total loss. By the way if the economy grows next year the Bush tax cuts will quickly become the awesome Obama tax cuts.

DREAM Act - Loss
This one could go either way, since a loss will be spun as a win. We all know both sides will be fighting to suck up to the Latino vote so don't be surprised if ICE agents are ordered to distribute 100 dollars bills at the border before 2012. And Meg Whitman's illegal maid will probably file suit against the government for harassment. And win.

DADT repeal - Win
One thing nobody is talking about--maybe fewer radical Muslims will join now that gays have been allowed out of their foot lockers. But isn't this creating more terrorists in general?

START treaty - Win
Again, continuing another Bush initiative that won't be framed that way.

FCC control of net - Win
Not a Congressional act, an even bigger win as well as a nice Holiday gift for the Marxists who pushed this concept.

GITMO trials - Loss
Gitmo trials? Yes, Obama is talking about indefinite detention for terrorists as the press and Bush haters yawn. Apparently Gitmo may itself be open indefinitely.

9/11 Responders bill - Win
Should have been a tie because the GOP wanted this too, except with more safeguards against waste and abuse. Therein lies the win--the Dems' successfully painted that pushback as coming from a bunch of evil rich uncaring bastards who hate firefighters and only care about 9/11 when it's time to invade countries or torture brown people. The media and Jon Stewart helped of course, so it's an even bigger win.

By this count the lame duck was a push at 4-4. Yes, that counts as a win using Obama-Reid-Pelosi new math and a Time/Newsweek algorithm.

At least the Worst Congress Ever can now go home and lament the fact they saved all this important junk til the lame duck with the intention of defying the will of the people and sneaking it through while everyone was watching football or the Charlie Brown special. OK, lament might not be the right word. Meanwhile Obama can spend Holiday in Hawaii relaxing and letting his thoughts evolve all around in circles, maybe about former girlfriends or jobs, jobs, jobs. And let's damn well hope somebody is watching the ship on day 365..

MORE 12/22/10

Here's Dana Milbank on the "comeback president" although with tongue roughly inserted in cheek (he's trying to give the prez some advice):
More! Most! Biggest! And when he wasn't praising his accomplishments, he was praising himself: "One thing I hope people have seen during this lame-duck, I am persistent. I am persistent. You know, if I believe in something strongly, I stay on it."
And to think--just last week he was begging Dems to help extend the Bush tax code to save his presidency. Now breathless reporters are wiping away that history to call him a comeback kid--all in the LAME DUCK session. Lame duck sessions are named that for a reason--they are not supposed to be about 'getting things done', especially when the voters have spoken and tossed Congress like a salad.

They should be reporting on that. Instead we're seeing firsthand evidence of how far up this man's behind they really are. Milbank is only trying to curb the embarrassing enthusiasm.


Debbie said...

Lots of spin by the media and you noted, the Republicans did get something for their votes, but they didn't have to cave on any of this. Yet they did.

Merry Christmas to you and all your family A.C.

Happy and healthy new year.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I'm wondering what McConnell is up to by caving or whether, as you say, he got snookered. Or whether they are just showing true colors.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by this past year, Debbie..