Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nothing to Fear

In the past few days America has seen the following from its top counter-terror officials:

-Attorney General Holder proclaiming that domestic terror threats began to ramp up 2 years ago, oddly concurrent with Obama's inauguration;

-Homeland Security Director Napolitano reassuring us that US terror warriors are out there fighting "24/7/364";

-And Director of National Intelligence Clapper sitting stone-faced silent when asked about the 12 Muslims arrested in London (maybe this was supposed to be Clapper's one day off). His comment about "outreach" didn't produce any warm fuzzies, either.

Gaffes? Sure. But gaffes are not what people expect on this topic. They expect competent, well-spoken individuals projecting some level of surety. Gaffes and clueless looks were supposed to be the signature of George W. Bush (the left still uses the 'My Pet Goat' picture to bash) but as Holder seemed to say, we didn't worry so much about homegrown jihadists at the time.


LASunsett said...

Knowing that these people are on the job makes me feel so much better.

(eye roll)

A.C. McCloud said...

They really appeared an odd threesome sitting there. Now it has come out that Clapper's office wasn't briefed of the London arrests, but geez, doesn't anyone there read Drudge? Are we supposed to be reassured that WE can know about such a thing before the DNI just by reading the internets? Maybe that's why they want "neutrality".