Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nigeria Wants Cheney

And the left is about to have a field day..
If Nigeria has its way, former Vice President Dick Cheney will be next on Interpol's international "wanted" alert, for bribery charges related to his time as the CEO of Halliburton.

Nigeria's anti-corruption agency says it plans to file charges against Cheney in connection with $180 million in bribes a Halliburton subsidiary paid to Nigerian officials to help secure a $1.2 billion contract during his tenure as head of the company. "We are filing charges against Cheney," Femi Babafemi, the country's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission chief, told Reuters today.
But not so fast, says this site:
Political implications of arresting a former vice president aside, Obama and company are presented with two choices.

First, it can ignore the warrant, thereby straining relations with resource-rich Nigeria, and also undercut its current leadership role in Interpol, which is currently headed by American Ronald Noble, who worked for the Treasury Department during Bill Clinton’s presidential tenure.

The second option: move forward and nab Cheney. This would only inflame the right wing, though, and not simply because of revered Cheney’s elevated status among the conservative set.
Imagine Obama pressing the arrest of Assange, current target of an Interpol Red Notice, while not directing Holder to arrest Darth heart patient. Or vice versa. All while the lame duck Dems bicker over tax increases and the stock market prepares to crash over the coming taxmageddon. Get the popcorn ready, folks..

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