Sunday, December 05, 2010

Time to Release the Khalidi Tape?

If mainstream media figures like Jeff Jarvis, Richard Stengel from Time and Mark Mazetti from the LA Times are fine with publishing pilfered classified material from the US government, defending Julian Assange's right to publish (as they told CNN's Howie Kurtz), then why not release the Rashid Khalidi going away party tape featuring Obama, Ayers, Dorhn, Khalidi--the one the LA Times sat on before the election? After all, Obama is president now so it would not affect the outcome of the election, unlike what Assange did in Kenya.

In the past the Times has argued that the leaker didn't give permission to reveal it, but why should that matter in this new age? Doesn't the right to know trump all now? And if not, does cherry-picking the release of certain sensitive information based on how it plays ideologically really improve the transparency of governments or foster peace on earth in general?

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Debbie said...

Wouldn't that be interesting reading/viewing??? Won't hold my breath...

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