Thursday, December 30, 2010

The "Taint" of ROTC

From a WaPo opinion piece on why ROTC should continue to be banned from universities despite the repeal of DADT:
I asked if he actually believed there could be a Christian method of slaughtering people in combat, or a Christian way of firebombing cities, or a way to kill civilians in the name of Jesus. Did he think that if enough Notre Dame graduates became soldiers that the military would eventually embrace Christ's teaching of loving one's enemies?

The interview quickly slid downhill.
Gee, really? Why would a former president of Notre Dame be offended at the accusation that our military is full of cold blooded killers fostering planetary war as opposed to peacemakers taking on murderous tinpots and regimes?
To oppose ROTC, as I have since my college days in the 1960s, when my school enticed too many of my classmates into joining, is not to be anti-soldier. I admire those who join armies, whether America's or the Taliban's: for their discipline, for their loyalty to their buddies and to their principles, for their sacrifices to be away from home. In recent years, I've had several Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans in my college classes. If only the peace movement were as populated by people of such resolve and daring.
Hey yeah- people who join the Taliban are just like our young men and women, and are to be applauded! "Bravo, Mullah Omar! A fine crop of young men from the madrassas you have there!" Of course, his admiration ends when these folks come into the military via universities because, quote, they "taint the intellectual purity of a school". Barf.

Maybe this pinhead writer (and ex WaPo columnist) Colman McCarthy can come back later and tell us how many gays will be joining the Taliban and AQ in the next year. Or how many women (not 12 year old girls who blow themselves up for the cause, probably admirable to him as well)?

MORE 12/30/10

As WaPo probably expected when they turned this nut loose on their page space, the column has caused a predictable response from the right. But what about the left? Are they down with this turd? Well, according to Memeorandum they aren't interested at all. A wise move.


Debbie said...

Wow, that's some strange slant on that interview, I missed that. Unfortunately he's not a lone wolf with his opinions. One warped mind.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

But at the same time, it really illustrates how whacked some MSM journalists and university teachers are. My son has had similar teachers with the same warped beliefs.

LASunsett said...

He is a prof as American University and has made a living hating the military. Probably got started with a government grant.