Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Ask, Do Tell

A new era begins for the US military. Let's hope it works--it's only national defense!

Relatives serving have said this will be bad; history says gays have always served, albeit undercover, so it's hard to tell (pardon the pun). Will there be no noticeable impact, or tickle parties on submarines?

And what about Hollywood and the far left? One has to wonder whether this new way forward will change their attitude about service in general. So far Hollywood hasn't made one patriotic movie about the GWoT, well maybe one, but nothing near the propaganda churned out after the last surprise attack in 1941. They won't even identify the enemy. So who knows, maybe with teh gays in there fighting and winning medals they'll suddenly wake up and recognize the sacrifices and bravery going on since 2001. Hopefully it won't just be the sacrifice and bravery of people like PFC Bradley Manning, though.

Speaking of which, he's locked up in a brig without formal charge, sorta like Jose Padilla. Why haven't they charged him with treason yet, or in the least, busting his clearance? Makes it appear they were afraid to do anything before the DADT vote. Now, after it's been repealed, will the administration still have the stomach to fully punish him?


Debbie said...

It may take a while before we really know whether this is going to work or be a disaster. The men and women already in the military may not be free to speak their minds or share their experiences.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Wondering too about those who oppose such practices, like Christians and even Muslims. Guess we'll find out.