Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Redneck not Racist!

It's almost as if the Journolist is still around with this simultaneous burst of liberal outrage over Governor Barbour's comments about the history of Mississippi. Just how dare this closet KKK cracker comment on the history of his own state! Doesn't he know Hollywood and most liberal college professers have settled all of this long ago? Does it take a lecture from WaPo columnists like Jonathan Capehart to set this rube straight?
Despite his just-released statement of contrition, Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.) has a blind spot the size of the Confederate flag when it comes to race. I'm not saying that this son of the South is a racist.
Let's see, Confederate flag, race, but not a racist. By gosh he is a Republican though, you can tell by that prominent "R" Mr. Capehart inserted beside his name. Surely he treats every politician he writes about the same (er, no he doesn't).

Anyway, "a blind spot the size of the Confederate flag"? How big is that? Does he mean this one, or maybe these?

No, of course he means big like a big whopping battle flag flying over the state house big. Let it be recorded, this 21st day of December, year of our Lord Gaia 2010, that fat rednecks can never hope to win the presidency again in America. That is unless said fat redneck comes from a place called Hope and has a "D" beside the name (even if said fat redneck were to proclaim a memorial day for Robert E. Lee on the same day as that of MLK, or to support a "Confederate Flag Day" in his state). Anything else would be evil.

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