Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AQ Burns Down US Embassy; Romney Grilled

Let me see if I have this straight.  Obama's Cairo embassy staff fires off an apology yesterday about certain intolerant preachers in the US making bigoted films about Mohammad in an effort to tamp down rising tensions in the street.  The rising tensions eventually boil over the wall, tear down the flag and burn it.   This same film had been on the internet since early July but had somehow just come to light Tuesday only a week after Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi met with Iran's Ahmajinejad for a chit-chat.

After some criticism the Embassy tweets a defiant statement later in the afternoon standing by their original condemnation of certain Americans.

While this is going on riots break out in Benghazi, the city in Libya Obama saved (will there be a statue of him there?) tragically resulting in the deaths of four, including our ambassador.  Romney puts out a statement last night condemning the embassy and the apparent dysfunction.  At some point the president begins the process of engaging, which acts to catapult the embassy under the bus resulting in a delete of their tweet.

Then this morning the president issues a long, rather benign statement condemning the event, threatening something, maybe an FBI investigation, applauds the Libyans for helping and mentions himself going to Walter Reed to visit wounded troops yesterday.

So now, with the Egyptian embassy neutered, the Libyan embassy in cinders and the entire narrative reset the story turns to Romney's early statement, driven in part by Obama's late statement.  Suddenly the Journolist press wants to ask Romney questions about a possible political boner rather than pestering the White House about whether AQ might have taken over an embassy in the country we saved (with an illegal military action) based on protecting that very same city, all on the anniversary of 9/11.

Is that about it?  

MORE  9/13/12

Our pathetic media is in full tilt deflection mode to make this story about a Romney gaffe and a justified reaction spurred by right wing fanatics in America.  Southern Poverty Law Center?  Yep, now being dragged into the picture to help identify the haters who made the hateful film that justifies the attack. 

Sorry AP, it doesn't matter what the film shows. NOTHING justifies mobs burning our embassies and desecrating the flag.  The story here is a bunch of barbarians who can't exist in civilized society because every little thing offends them to the point of violence.   The AP and all the other Obama-approved media know this, yet they will throw away their shame and spin the story to make their demigod look as brave and wise as possible. Puke. 

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