Monday, September 17, 2012

Fair is Fair

Hmm.  So Iran's government now has a new fatwa on Salman Rushdie while saying they will 'track down' the filmmaker that allowed otherwise peaceful Muslims a week of mass riots.  By the way, why don't they pronounce it "Sah man" Rushdie?  Sorry, southern digression there.

CNN has been broadswording this filmmaker for several days, accompanying their stories about him with apologias about Islamophobia and how American Muslims live in fear, etc. (all to prop up Obama's fading foreign policy chops of course); now there are death threats on the filmmaker.  So if something happens to him of the slightest nature can we shut down CNN for inciting violence?   In the least the Obama folks should check with the FCC to see if they can find something erroneous in their permit or something.  Sounds fair.    

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