Friday, September 28, 2012

Revolving Towards the Truth

It's quite amazing to watch CNN downplay their own bombshell.   What bombshell, you say?  Why, catching the Secretary of State trying to bamboozle the public by dismissing a report she knew CNN knew about, then publicly slamming CNN for reporting it. 

But here they are today reporting on a new explanation from the Director of National Security's office about Benghazi that indicates the administration's story has 'evolved' towards a pre-planned terror attack: 
In an unusual statement on Friday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence sought to explain how it has revised its view of the September 11 attack on the diplomatic post that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others. The assessment moves away from the initial belief the attack began spontaneously following a protest over an anti-Muslim film. The intelligence community now believes it was "a deliberate and organized terrorist assault carried out by extremists" affiliated or sympathetic with al Qaeda.
Yet the article fails to mention is CNN's own involvement.  No mention of Anderson Cooper and the ambassador's notebook despite Cooper's 360 still headlining it.   It's as if CNN's news desk is treating Cooper's story like something on Fox.  

Other news outlets are downplaying this story--certainly no large font top column headlines or the main story on the hourly news blurb on radio. They could drive it to that level but evidently they think it chinks the prezdent's foreign policy resume too much.

By the way, speaking of the DNI's office, CNN is also carrying a story about Panetta claiming Syria has moved their chemical weapons. Actually it's a story about certain officials saying the UN has failed in Syria because the lack of action has encouraged more civilian slaughter, which could also work as another negative foreign policy story against Obama (they must figure Obama is like a lame duck because he can't do any state-level warmongering through November, although it's likely we'll see some serious droning soon).

Anyway, the same DNI once claimed that some of those chemical weapons Syria supposedly moved might have arrived there via Saddam.  Here's a recap, including a comment from Eli Lake about how people like Harry Reid should be hoping and praying Syria doesn't use their chem-weapons lest someone find out they came from Iraq.   It's not hard to imagine Bashar Assad actually using that as leverage over Obama to preclude our involvement, ie, "if you strike us with airplanes we'll make it known that some of our WMDs came from Iraq- the war you called dumb."  Maybe another reason why nothing can be done until after the election (add to that all the domestic policy expiring and it's going to be a busy Christmas season).

Odd how things revolve.


Right Truth said...

Yet we are giving more money to all of them, Libya, Egypt, and more support for the "Syrian rebels" whoever they are. Borrowing money from China to give to these guys, I'm so disgusted.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It's such a mess. Morsi calls for the movie guy to be arrested and we comply. Obama says the future doesn't belong to those who condemn the prophet of Islam, and the media takes a collective nap.