Sunday, September 16, 2012


This is an interesting clip from our nation's third greatest political orator.  The birthers are all atwitter...

Obviously a slip of some sort, either Freudian or otherwise.  It's funny that Obama himself seems to be the chief birther: first his literary bio states that he was born in Kenya and now he's out saying he was born to a "single mom".  Libs might concoct a conspiracy theory to explain (after calling people racist for even making fun of it)--Obama is so clever he's making these gaffes on purpose to fool stupid hick conservatives into foaming at the mouth and mentioning it so Dems can ridicule them.  Yeah, probably not.

More likely it's better described by Tom Maguire:
So yes, the Magic Mouth theory is always in play with this guy. Obama has grown up thinking he can BS his way past anything.
And he generally has.  One more show to go.   

Speaking of conspiracies, the only one that seems to have any real meat is the Social Security number thing. Yet it's something that no media flack would ever ask a sitting president, or one who's standing, bowing, or reclining for that matter.  So good luck with it.

One more thing.  As to the video above, it contains something else no media flack would ever ask: why did it take an Ivy League education for Michelle Obama to become qualified to be First Lady?   There are no prerequisites--other than marrying the big guy.  Just sayin.  


Right Truth said...

He also said at one time, "It is good to be back home [while he was in Kenya]."

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Still think he was born in Hawaii. As Cashill indicates, the SS number from CT could be explained by some dopey bureaucrat misplacing a digit in the zip code between HI and CT.

Still, it seems like there are a lot of errors associated with his record trail, like the oddity with the draft registration, erroneous literary bio, "African" on the birth cert, etc. Hopefully all a memory come January 22.