Thursday, September 06, 2012

Truth Matters!

"The truth matters".  That was Michelle Obama's refrain on Tuesday night in her big speech and indeed it may become an oft-used phrase going down the stretch--but perhaps in a way she never intended.  

For example, these truth seekers have been playing fast and loose with it all week.  There was a union leader steelworker who spoke last night pretending to be a Bain employee; there was Michelle's contention that Barack and she were struggling after emerging from Ivy League schools then getting positions as lawyers/professors; there was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz' fuzzy math in determining that yes, 2/3rds of the delegates actually wanted the platform changed to insert God and Jerusalem;  and DWS's four pinocchio performance when interviewed by Shep Smith regarding whether she claimed the Israeli ambassador called the GOP's stance towards Israel dangerous.  As to Bill Clinton--mucho distortion.

Even Obama recently admitted to making a "syntax error" when bellowing "you didn't build that".  In other words, his awesome statement just wasn't worded awesomely enough.  What he can't admit is that the comment, even in some kind of spreading the wealth around contex, was politically tone deaf.

When these are added to the Clint Eastwood empty chair metaphor it appears the GOP is winning the phrase game this season.  Question is, will they get help from the media in spreading them around?  Kneejerk answer is no, but as amazing as it seems many outlets appear to be feeling the pressure and are being more fair this time around--so far--or in other words, practicing journalism.  The above examples are proof. 

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