Sunday, September 23, 2012

Path to Paradise

With the recent Muslim street brouhaha over a film clip it might be useful to look back to the salad days of Clinton and the 90s, when jihad was boiling up in America and the government was chasing down terrorists with FBI agents and CIA rendition squads.

In 1997 HBO made a short film about the first WTC attack.  Since they didn't have any visions of Democrat-future to guide them they took a fairly honest look at the situation, with the exception of airbrushing out Iraqi participant Abdul Yasin (it would be interesting to know why).  The film was rather prescient in its predictions--especially the last scene--but apparently didn't ruffle many Islamic feathers at the time.  The whole thing is on You Tube

Watching the film gives one a sense of the importance of the man who was bin Laden before the real bin Laden came along--Omar Abdel-Rahman, the "Blind Sheikh", currently serving life in prison in the US.  It also gives one the sense he may be a lot more important than Americans were led to believe then--and now.

So it's comforting to know the current administration has adamantly denied they are in negotiation to release him back to the new Brotherhood leadership in Egypt.  Then again it's not very comforting to consider that any exchange would likely consist of Egypt getting their jihadist leader back and America getting.....a promise that he won't bless anymore terrorist acts against us?  What else could they offer?


Right Truth said...

I'm betting there are talks somewhere between the US and Egypt for the blind sheik. We always come out on the losing end of these terrible deals.

I saw where the attempt to cut off aid to Pakistan went down in flames, the excuse being the doctor who helped us get bin Laden. You know there are probably negotiations going on over him.

Why in the world did we leave this guy hanging and not take care of him? Terrible.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

They are saying that the Sheikh is old and in bad health. That's probably true. But what on earth would we get for returning him other than maybe a promise not to dump the Israeli peace treaty? As you say, we don't usually do well in these things so there's no reason to believe anything will be different here. We'll see if Morsi mentions it while on US soil.