Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Dare Romney Change the Subject!

This headline must be seen to be believed..  well, it's believable, it just needs to be seen..

Yes, how dare Romney change the subject, only the major media can do that!   When Jimmy Carter's grandson organizes a story through "Mother Jones" to change the subject away from chaos and a terrorist attack in the Muslim world it's called "breaking news" with saturation coverage.  But when someone on the right finds a long-lost clip of Obama calling himself a quasi-socialist it's Romney "trying to change the subject".  Hey, it's not authenticated yet.  Yo, neither is that 2 minute tape gap

These bastards appear to have no trace of shame left whatsoever.  They are so far in the tank they've reached Ed Harris in "The Abyss". 

Take a gander at the other headlines.  "How Mother Jones got the scoop";  "Does Romney dislike America?" with the convenient question mark (normally used by bloggers).  Hey, does Romney hate cats?   Does he hate small Greeks?   Is he a racist?    Then there's:  "Romney's new desperate attack", "Go easy on poor Romney" (poor Romney indeed, getting the same treatment as Bush), and "Romney's blow to conservatism".   The last one is rich considering he's the mushy moderate GOP candidate and not a Tea Party "fanatic".  There's just no pleasing some of these beltway blockheads.

But, but, but McCloud, you wingnut, look at the main headline--Fast and Furious.  That's about Obama!  Actually no, that's about a bunch of underlings fingered as culprits and a senior underling resigning.   In politics they call it sword-falling.  ABC radio news had the story on their 4pm update, not mentioning either Eric contempt of court Holder or president Obama.  Case closed,  move on, nothing more to see. 

By the way, ABC radio news also reported that Janet Napolitano became the latest administration figure to condemn the anti-Mohammad movie clip.  Wow.  That was the news flash...Napolitano condemns the movie clip.   Not, "despite adamantly assuring the American public that the Libya attack was just a mob protest that got out of control due to the movie clip an administration official now admits it was probably a terrorist attack, maybe even involving AQ, occurring on 9/11".   But only they can change the subject or the narrative.

Meanwhile "President Kardashian", fresh off the conveniently timed Letterman gig (where he answered the first question about our murdered ambassador), flits around on Scare Force One from lavish fundraiser to lavish fundraiser encouraging more redistribution, something the baby bird press won't directly address other than to attack Romney for mentioning it.  And the Rashid Khaldi going-away party tape remains safely ensconced in the LA Times vault.  Booyah. 


LA Sunset said...

He's the 9-5, unionhack, celebrity president. He's cool, ya know?

A.C. McCloud said...

Right on, bro. Power to the people. Hey, when's my tee time Sunday?