Saturday, September 08, 2012

Making Clint's Point

One of the screaming messages from Eastwood's appearance at the RNC was that politicians serve as our employees. We hire them to represent us. We can summarily fire them. It's good to be able to fire people--remember when Romney said that?  Too many look to politicos as saviors or masters, to include many of Clint's fellow celebrities.

Case in point, Obama responding to the person who screamed they 'love(d)' him. "You'll love me even more" was his reply, followed by some political babble.   That's likely an instinctive reply--not shared by only Obama but nevertheless something the electorate should watch.  In other words, despite Obama not living up to even his own performance standards there are still people who support him for largely emotional reasons and will vote for him accordingly.  It's doubtful they would see it the same way if Obama was one of their employees in a failing small business. 

Meanwhile, our old friend Hollywood Bob Woodward is out with another well-timed tome featuring the latest insider DC gossip. It's hard to tell whether he's an ideologue or not--which is presumably a testament to his journalistic chops--but if he's correct about quotes like this:
"Obama doesn't really have the joy of the game. Clinton basically loved negotiating with a bunch of pols, about anything," Summers said. "Whereas, Obama, he really didn't like these guys."
...then it certainly validates not only Dinesh D'Souza's theory about Obama's ideology but also Clint's conversation with the empty chair.  Woodward quotes Summers as characterizing the president as bogged down by his own pragmatism, which seems a contradiction to the above, but if he's really in pursuit of the ideals occasionally blurted out in unscripted conversations with plumbers or off-prompter remarks about who builds things in America then that "pragmatism" could easily be a defensive wall around the goals he truly desires with passion.

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