Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

To all those lost.  To all the first responders..and second..and third.. and all who have sacrificed for the cause ever since.  America has eliminated a lot of bad guys in the last 11 years.   Those are the things I'll be remembering today.

SO....   9/11/12

..where are we 11 years later?  As mentioned, we've eliminated a lot of bad guys. We've basically freed two countries and helped free another one (Libya).  Arab democracy movements have broken out. 

We've also spent ourselves to the brink and arguably made the US itself less free than before.   Here are two opinions, one from Breitbart advocating that while UBL may be dead, all his goals have been fulfilled.  And another off HuffPo, which says we should declare defeat and stop fighting.  Both I think are products of the long war that Americans don't have the patience for, nor the fiscal restraint to pursue. Wars don't even just because we say they do.  A president can't end any wars by retreating.  The question that needs asking is whether we're willing to put up with the terror threat and move on.  

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