Thursday, September 20, 2012

Investigation Update

Anyone know how it's coming along?  You know, the investigation.  Last we heard, circa August 1st:
F.B.I. agents on a hunt for leakers have interviewed current and former high-level government officials from multiple agencies in recent weeks, casting a distinct chill over press coverage of national security issues as agencies decline routine interview requests and refuse to provide background briefings.
Apparently that's why we haven't gotten many leaks about the embassy riots and the Benghazi terror attack--everyone has conveniently dummied up.  Nice timing. 

Well, it took them at least three years to wrap up the Plame leak case.  So just wondering.   Think there will be a movie about this one? 


Right Truth said...

"The consulate was supposed to be protected by the Martyrs of the Feb. 17 Revolution Brigade, instead of the US Marines. The Feb 17 Brigade is Islamist and its leader is a member of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood." --Daniel Greenfield

Hillary Clinton, the State Department, made the decision that no Marines would be used. So what happened? The two ex-SEALS there working (who knows what they were really doing) and an information guy had to step into the breach and try to protect the ambassador, were killed in the process.

No heads will roll (here in the US State Department any way)

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It's a shame. Likely the 2 ex-SEALs were doing some very important work. Hope we don't find out they were the true targets.