Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Politics

The TOTUS crashes to the floor while Obama gives a speech on the economy. His first pitch in the All Star Game is apparently a 59 foot change-up scooped out of the dirt. Hopefully neither of these are omens.

It must be too early to get good video of this. The Fox website has this story but no ready video on their front page yet. YT has several clips from the Fox broadcast that shows him on the mound but doesn't show the completion of the toss. Conspiracy!

The more interesting part was his stint in the booth with Joe and Tim afterwards, where during a conversation about the hapless luck of the National League Joe mockingly suggested they wouldn't be getting a bailout, to which Obama answered, paraphrasing here, "there's nothing left". Paraphrasing because it's hard to find video or a transcript yet. But his answer begs the question of how he can justify the rest of his spend-rific agenda if there's nothing left. Unless of course it was a joke.

Meanwhile, the American League wins again, getting home field advantage in the Series, again. Maybe we should impeach Bud Selig. But even he couldn't screw up a pretty good game. Apparently nobody noticed Sotomayor actually behind the plate calling balls and strikes and Pat Leahy in the stands selling programs.

UPDATE 7/14/09

Here's the exact quote in response to Joe Buck: "we're out of money". See, this is why TOTUS was put in charge to begin with, to stop wild off the cuff honest remarks like that. It looks more and more like the teleprompter was taken out by a Cheney hit squad.

But let not your bleeding heart be troubled. Tomorrow Kerry will show up on TV and explain it was only a botched joke.

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