Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey, Who Invited Joe?

Obama told everyone not to call the man-talk teaching session a "beer summit", then said:
It's a clever term, but this is not a summit, guys," Obama told reporters. "This is three folks having a drink at the end of the day, and hopefully giving people an opportunity to listen to each other. And that's really all it is. This is not a university seminar."
Three? How did Joe get into the picture? Maybe he saw the beer cart and followed it. Or maybe he was there as The Enforcer. Anyway, if it wasn't a beer summit maybe it was a local chapter meeting of the he-man women-haters club, since the other involved party, the witness Ms. Whalen who got labeled by some a racist, was snubbed.

Never can tell, maybe something good will come out of the meeting other than a photo-op. We'll see what the players say in their post-game interviews.


LASunsett said...

Funny you should mention this. They wanted to keep the conversation private, but it will only be a matter of time before Biden blabs, trying to look important.

Debbie said...

Biden was there for comic relief, to ease the tension.

After the episode, Gates sent the 911 caller flowers. Ahhh, isn't it all just so sweet.

I think the realy loser in all this is Obama.

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