Monday, July 27, 2009

Boobs, Buds and Birthers

All seem to be in the news lately.

Boobs, as in people who fly off the handle at police officers who've shown up at their house to prevent a burglary. And boobs as in fake boobies, which the Democrats are now considering taxing along with other fake and real body alterations, which could disproportionately affect the Speaker. Yes it's a fun tax! Fun for the whole family. And yes, it's probably already buried somewhere in the bill they haven't read.

And Buds, as in marijuana, which California is apparently considering taxing due to the desperation of their financial situation. Hey, they say everything happens first in Cali then spreads. Just imagine it with a Vegas twist--casino cocktail waitresses passing out drinks and doobies while people gamble and glance at fake boobies up on the stage, all for the good of Uncle Sam and the children. Sounds rather Biblical somehow, as in right before the fireballs and pillars of salt.

And finally birthers, as in mostly Republicans except for Phillip Berg and Larry Johnson (who seems rather silent now that Hillary's run is over) that believe Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore an illegitimate prez. They've been around awhile of course but are just now getting more attention for some reason, like in the White House briefing room today. It's utter craziness. Hey, maybe that 'chemtrail' stuff is for real! Or maybe just politics as usual.

This site has never shied from discussing conspiracies but birtherism seems pretty lame. There's no credible evidence Obama was born in Kenya, which is the only way the story has any meaning, unless one includes the various WND and Africa Press blog stories. Even if he was, his mother was a legitimate citizen and the most likely intent of the framers in this area was to keep people like Arnold out of the White House (he might even be mentioned in the Federalist Papers), ie, someone born to foreign parents in a foreign land who, during a war, might side with the old country.

Actually, the administration is likely playing a shell game here. They are mocking the birth cert folks to keep attention off real failures and even the real conspiracy--the refusal to release his college transcripts, which for all we know could indicate lousy marks in English making his authorship of "Dreams" even less probable. It also squelches the Khalid al-Mansour question or why they never released the Rashid Khalidi tapes while principled MSM crews were busy scavenging dumpsters in Wasilla looking for dirt on Trigg Palin.

As you read this there are right now beautiful people in Hollywood (some with fake boobs) who believe with every fiber of their beings that the Bush administration was involved in conspiracies about 9/11, Iraq and the anthrax letters without very much proof other than maybe a palm reading. Yet due to their resumes, their star alignments, and their awesome hotness they aren't called nuts, just eccentric slightly misguided patriots.

The whole thing depends on which flavor of conspiracy one chooses to believe, since these days nearly everything is in question. Or perhaps the real truth is that none of them are mature enough to handle the internets. Them, not us.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how all these things tie together, it's glaringly obvious, isn't it?

MORE 7/27/09

Any considerable reading from the two sides on this BC issue inevitably goes back to the announcement made by the Registrar of Vital Records in Hawaii verifying they had seen Obama's 'original' birth cert on file. The birthers claim this is evidence of a long form whereas in reality all that statement did was verify that the document floated on Kos was authentic, ie, they didn't invent the damn thing out of whole cloth. The statement has never addressed the part of the form not released.

Any Obamabots who are saying the short form shows everything they've got are wrong. States don't just destroy vital records, they put them on film or disk and one can request them for a fee. Matter of fact, Hawaii required people trying to verify ancestry to have the longer more comprehensive form until just last month, when they changed the requirement to include either short or long (and said the long wasn't available anymore). Interesting time to change that requirement and something completely ignored by the Palinmanic media.

That said, Obama is clearly a natural born US citizen by common sense standards due to his birth in Honolulu in 1961. The dept of vital records would not lie about this. The birthplace on the short form is listed as Honolulu, which is no doubt what's in the 'long form' or digital data base, etc. Anything else is rank speculation. However, it's appropriate to ask why he won't release his college records, which could show his citizen status and the kinds of financial aid he received. That would be another whole can of worms related to Indonesia and/or some kind of fraud--all speculation at this point without any information. Since the Times won't bother maybe Dan Rather can poke around on it. Is Mary Mapes available?

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