Monday, July 27, 2009

Nat Geo Anthrax Show

Just watched the NatGeo show and it definitely favored the conspiratorial side of the house. That's usually what happens when the FBI cannot provide a spokesman to prevent their side--this is still an open investigation (for now). Of course it's also sexier.

Some thoughts: The handwriting expert they had on said the writing on the attack letters suggested a Muslim. Why? She didn't say, only suggesting a Muslim was ruled out because the date (9-11-09) used the standard US non-military protocol, as if a Muslim terrorist might not deliberately try to throw off the authorities by using our standard convention.

Also, the use of Ivins' former supervisor at Fort Detrick as a source of information--a man who believes he wasn't the killer--was a fairly powerful voice against the FBI version.

Other than that, the show really didn't provide much new information. I've always wondered why someone couldn't have parlayed a sample off one of the eight matching vials of RMR-1029 outside Ft. Detrick and how they would know this didn't happen.

And have we ever heard Steven Hatfill explain why he thought the FBI pursued him so vigorously and publicly? Wonder if he considers himself a foil for the government to keep people from worrying about the possibility of more attacks or just the victim of gross incompetence? A book would be interesting.

Anyway, the NatGeo show didn't interview Ed Lake or some of the other web sleuths who've covered this story forever. Checking his site there's nothing up yet about the show at the time this was written. He did link to this summary of the online debate, which no doubt includes those who believe the letters were done by a government lab and may even one day track back to Dick Cheney. Or even unravel the entire 9/11 attack itself as some kind of neocon inside job. C'mon, you know who you are!

At the same time some of those same folks are probably laughing hysterically at the Obama "Birthers". Scott Shane from the New York Times was interviewed extensively for the anthrax show and seems unconvinced of the official story. Meanwhile, his paper basically laughed off the birth cert thing over the weekend. Sure, parts of it deserve to be laughed off (for the record, I believe Obama is a natural born citizen) but it does seem weird that a near genius like Obama would so adamantly insist his college transcripts be hidden from public view. Perhaps Mr. Shane could do some digging around, if he has the time.

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