Friday, July 31, 2009

New Scare Force One Photos

The remaining scare force one photos were pumped out in a classic Friday afternoon doc dump today thanks to a FOIA. Here's one of the 146:

Retouched a bit in a photo editor. While I'm no expert they appear to be from a point-n-shoot. There's the window glare we saw in the original and some back lighting, but the larger issue is why they would run a low photo shoot with haze? Usually PR shots are done after a frontal passage when the air is most clear. Fire the meteorologist!

Gibbs was quizzed about it at today's presser:
Q Separate issue -- the release of the Air Force One photos today. Apparently an e-mail from Colonel Turner, of the Presidential Air Group, says that former Secretary Caldera and George Mulligan had both blessed the event and were to brief you and Jim Messina prior to it. Were you briefed?

MR. GIBBS: No. I think anybody can look back at the transcript of the day that I came out here and it's -- I don't think the transcript denotes maybe the look on my face, but I think the answer denotes -- and the report that we ultimately released says that unfortunately neither Jim nor I were briefed. Safe to say, I think if we were, we wouldn't have had those fancy pictures.
Safe to say if anyone can decipher that answer they deserve a medal. Safe to say the photographer won't get many more assignments, assuming this was actually a photo mission.

But it's nice to see the Times develop a sense of angst here months after the event and late on a Friday afternoon. On their blog.

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