Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Panetta Smoke Bomb

The Panetta revelation about a double secret CIA program (Rawstory's hit squad?) seemed to be suspiciouly timed to coincide with this Congressional report, which apparently blames John Yoo for just about everything related to counter intel.

Here's Fred Thompson discussing the issue with Pete Hoekstra, who thinks they're covering for Pelosi. Indeed, chatty Nancy didn't have much comment.

But in reality it seems like they're running interference against current events, like the economy. Stimulus-I ain't doing so well. Matter of fact, it's looking so shady the administration says it now needs to spend 9 to perhaps as much as 18 million to get the promised Recovery dot gov web site up to speed so it can show the lack of impact in more detail. That's a lot of geeks and pizzas.

But perhaps another stimulus package, concurrent with a truth investigation of Bush/Cheney's fight against terrorists bent on destroying America, might take the public's mind off unemployment, or our president's socialist tendencies, or the utter failure of the Democratic-led Congress since 2006 and place it squarely back where it belongs--on Dick Cheney. As the MSNBC anchor said, gotta sweep out the "cockroaches". And remember, we were told that Cheney was the most dangerous VP this guy.

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