Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Obama Policy Meeting

For such a dynamic speaker he certainly can get pretty deep in the wonk. As O'Reilly said after it was over, "what the hell did he say?" Which is the problem. He'll never sell the American people unless he can bring it down to a more simple level. Even George W. Malaprop was capable of that.

The press was their normal docile self but even so Obama seemed a bit snarky, in his own silky smooth way of course. He subtly went after doctors (yet still refuses to bash lawyers in this affair) and even a few cops. Reporters weren't immune from his quiet wrath, as he seemed to suggest they were to blame for not getting photos and sleuthing out the attendees at his health care meetings rather than apologizing for not releasing the visitor logs. A Cheney by any other name?

But unless these reporters are being blackmailed they should be embarrassed and ashamed for an utterly limp attempt to ferret out the truth of this plan. It's doubtful public perceptions on this thing--that it's socialized medicine; that people will be fined if they don't want health care and don't sign up; that small business will be surtaxed; that illegal aliens will get free care while old sick people are denied; that abortions will be provided from the state; that it will drive private insurers out of business; that the state will eventually have to mandate which field doctors enter based on need; and that it will bankrupt the country, were changed. And this ain't just coming from the tea baggers this time.


Anonymous said...

The problem is, as I see it, our no-so-free press has managed to get themselves in in a difficult situation. With the Wall Street Journal as the only exception, the American press deified Barack Obama and helped him win the election by four population percentage points. Now, they are in no position to criticize him for a single thing. And should the press now turn on the anointed, blacks from one end of this country to the other will rise up and scream in a unified voice, RACISM. And gee-willickers, does Barack Obama know this? You betcha.

AC … stop over tomorrow; I have a golf story for you.

A.C. McCloud said...

Good analysis. I'd say the press got into a similar boat with Saddam, reporting over and over how menacing and evil he was throughout the Clinton years only to be left to support their previous reportage when Bush actually did something about him. Joe Wilson helped them out of that mess nicely, didn't he?

A golf story... is this going to be one of those Kim Jong things about how Mustang made a triple eagle on a par five? ;-) I'll swing by..