Sunday, July 05, 2009

President Utopia

The Times Reports:
In the depths of the cold war, in 1983, a senior at Columbia University wrote in a campus newsmagazine, Sundial, about the vision of “a nuclear free world.” He railed against discussions of “first- versus second-strike capabilities” that “suit the military-industrial interests” with their “billion-dollar erector sets,” and agitated for the elimination of global arsenals holding tens of thousands of deadly warheads.
Obama attended Columbia? Who knew! Actually we've been there, done that. Such naivete isn't surprising coming from a 21 year old Utopian dreamer dope smoker, or for that matter any other liberal who believes human beings will one day bring heaven down to earth. Surely the president has evolved from that position after 20+ years of reality, right? He addressed it in Prague:
“I’m not na├»ve,” President Obama told a cheering throng in Prague this spring. “This goal will not be reached quickly — perhaps not in my lifetime. It will take patience and persistence.”
So it's more classic Obama--he's trying to lead by example by tearing down his own country to gain leverage from 'the world' in order to achieve his goals. At the same time he's throwing another confuser to the right; who among them can come out strongly against achieving a world free from nukes? They are left to root for nuclear destruction.

So it's bold. But it's also risky. Reagan said "trust but verify" for a reason. This is not child's play or some Harvard bull session. Surely the leader of the free world doesn't really believe we can ever effectively put the nuclear genie back in the bottle, does he? Hmm....
“I don’t think I was that unique at that time,” the president said of his Columbia days, “and I don’t think I’m that unique today in thinking that if we could put the genie back in the bottle, in some sense, that there would be less danger — not just to the United States but to people around the world.”
Back in reality Americans are already standing on the verge of new climate change taxes, socialized medicine and nationalized automobile companies--all of which will produce a massive public debt into infinity. In his Independence Day address Obama urged all citizens to call up the Spirit of 76 to help form a government so bloated and controlling that Jefferson would pop every vein in his body.

And now he wants to downgrade our nuclear deterrence--the very same power that helped win the cold war (proving his 1983 essay an error in judgment). As Colin Powell recently said, the man be juggling a few too many balls.

But he doesn't seem to hear. He'll be visiting the country he wrote about in that 1983 fairy tale this week, one who recently--out of the blue--gave the US overflight rights into Afghanistan. Why? What has Obama promised the Russians in return? It's almost as if he's hell-bent on giving up what Reagan never had to to win during the 80s, regardless.

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