Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Errrr, Errrr

Sorry, just using the local slang. Hey--no hard feelings about Voinovich talking stupidly, consider it a teaching moment--for him. Let this be known as an official invite to for him to come down here to share a beer and some private man-talk. That's the official remedy now, right?

Actually this is a post about birtherism, the hot topic sweeping the nation right now that has some Republicans running for their lives.

Here's the way I see it (today):

1. If the presented Hawaiian certification of live birth, which is an abstract of the official certificate of live birth (certainly a confusing distinction to more than a few on both sides) is not phony then Obama is almost certainly a natural born citizen. The only way he's not is if the Hawaiians are in on the conspiracy, which is far too loony and dangerous, or the information submitted to the health department was phony, which would implicate a hospital unless he was actually born at home.

2. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who got famous by breaking the Dan Rather Bush National Guard fake docs story is simply wrong in his latest post about 'nirthers'. The closing flip-off does not comport with the obvious differences made clear by the two documents he presents as evidence of case closed. Until recently CNN was denying a vault version even existed, but there is clearly information available on the long form, such as hospital and attending physician, that isn't on the COLB. That's plain to see, so perhaps Mr. Johnson has become too invested in the ridicule to back off on anything.

3. There's nothing wrong with the peeps wanting personal background information on their POTUS. After all, he's got his finger on the football. Most presidential candidates come equipped with such background thanks to years of media inquires and features but Obama was an outlier, someone who we only knew through two self-written books and who has few living close relatives and the ones left ain't talking. So why is curiosity bad here? Obama-Biden called Bush the most secretive presidency in history and vowed sunshine, after all. If it's bad when family values Repubs have affairs and father illegitimate children then it's bad when new age politicians promising openness shut the windows.

4. No good deed goes unpunished--proven again. Her spirit is encouraging, though.

5. Armageddon--that's what many birthers seem to want. If somehow the vault copy were to be released and didn't contain a hospital or attending physician the POTUS would be in serious trouble as he's already claimed to have been birthed in a hospital. Therefore, even if he came into the world at a private home in Honolulu via a midwife and the BC is based on affidavits from his mother/grandmother the release would create an instant firestorm. Do we really need a firestorm right now?

With the economy teetering and that little flu thing to worry about, maybe not. Not only that, but if Abu the American is still paying attention from his cave that would be a good time to send another attack our way. So the negatives are strong.

The GOP needs to think of a creative way to both keep this story on the burner and make it go away, otherwise the left will surely mold the story and the players before driving the whole thing off a cliff. A retreat wouldn't be the worst thing since one never know what events may transpire. For instance, maybe Obama's Aunt Z will inadvertently spill some beans at her upcoming third immigration hearing early next year. She must know for sure where Obama was born. If so conservatives would have cover enough to sit up and say 'hey"!

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